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Garudayana Legends - Postponed

Let’s see… Garudayana Legends would be “Action side-scrolling element with rogue-like map and harvest moon like town”. But we still just finished not more than 5% of it. So you can just know how the battle & art look like.

Postponed for like 2 years, might be.. But we won’t drop it.



This game supposed to be our main focus, but then we decide to postpone it and take another project. There are some reason, but yeah, mainly it is my fault to fall in love with another huge project.

We also did put this game into Increfest 2013, but we lost. It is not explained very well why we lost, but there is a post by the Jury, on facebook said that we lost because they don’t think that we can finish it. At first i can’t agree, but now… I agree about that. For me, there is also so many things that is wrong with the game, like false design, too complex, and some “lie” at our company data. We said that our team consist of 5 person, but in fact, the working personal is just 2. It’s like Indie who enter at Company competition… The other lie is the release date, and marketing strategy.

Yeah, we got our lesson, about not to lie again with the data when enter on a competition, and more importantly about the game design for mobile.

That’s it for my rant, and for those who own Android who want to try the demo, here is the apk download link:

We are thinking to redo all from the start. The art might also being redrawn, we still don’t know.-



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